"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Attorney Karla Mansur for representation. As a victim of domestic violence it is difficult to find trust in someone and to open up and feel as if someone is really working hard for you and your rights. Attorney Mansur makes you feel at easy quickly and her compassion and solid knowledge of current laws is outstanding. I was lucky to be able to work with Attorney Mansur and saw first hand how efficiently and effectively she works. She cared about my case and made smart recommendations and organized it better then I had hoped. Her patience and guidance during a very difficult time is something I am very grateful for."

- MD Acton, MA 8/15/14


"Attorney Mansur did an exemplary job representing me on a contempt matter relating to the visitation of my son. I was impressed with her communication skills, understanding of my objectives and the outstanding level of effort that Karla put in on my behalf. I strongly recommend Karla as she demonstrated all of the qualities and characteristics that I wanted in someone representing me in the most important of matters. Having previously used a big firm to represent me and being very disappointed about the service I was given it was a pleasant surprise to work with someone who was both knowledgeable and aggressive but also thoughtful and patient with me as a client."

- J.C. Worcester, MA 6/26/14


"Karla assisted with my divorce proceedings in the beginning of 2014. A trusted person passed along her name to me when I was having difficulty even knowing how to get started. I feel very fortunate that I found her to handle my filing. I found Karla to be professional, helpful, and attentive at all stages of working with her. She answered all my questions and gave helpful counsel throughout. In particular, I found that she was excellent in explaining to me what I initially found to be a complex and intimidating process. Afterwards, at the point in which I filed, a stern-faced clerk scrutinized each form in my stack, but upon finishing looked up smiling and proclaimed "good job". I fully attribute that to Karla and undoubtedly would not have successfully navigated that paperwork on my own. Without hesitation I would whole-heatedly recommend Karla to others."

- Thomas, Cambridge, MA 6/13/14


"I worked with Karla on my recent divorce mediation. She was professional, knowledgeable and expedient in her work with us. She made the process simple and we are very grateful. I would strongly recommenced Karla to anyone."

- Alex C. 6/11/14


"Karla Mansur is an up and coming Attorney in the Concord area. Her competence in the legal system proves to play a vital role for the success of your case. With her ablity to scope the dynamics of every unique case differently, along with her arsenal of approaches in tackling the other counsel's discrepancies, it is no doubt in mind that Miss Mansur will be the first Attorney I consult with if any future legal matters arise"

- A.G., Haverhill, MA


"I hired Karla Mansur to handle my divorce proceedings. From the consultation, and continuing throughout, Karla was professional, matter of fact, honest, and very compassionate. She takes time to listen closely and gather all pertinent information to your case. Karla is extremely well versed in family law, is highly responsive, and truly loves what she does. I strongly recommend a consultation with Karla before you make a decision on an attorney. I have come out of my situation with much more confidence than I had going in, and I attribute a lot of that to Karla."

- Anonymous, Hudson, MA


"I would recommend Attorney Mansur without reservation. She knows the law and procedure inside and out. She has particularly savvy interpersonal skills, which I was grateful for given the delicate nature of my divorce-related dispute. Karla worked quickly and confidently, and was great about updating me regularly --(but not too regularly... certain little things I was happy that she used her good judgment to take care of. It helped keep my blood pressure down). She was sensitive to my preferences and requests throughout the process, and she brought my case to a successful conclusion quickly and economically."

- Aaron, Milton, MA


"I called and spoke with Karla back in December 2011. I was just starting to contact lawyers about getting information for the process for my divorce. Karla spoke with me for over an hour giving me all kinds of information before I even decided to hire her. After that call, she was hired! She was very supportive of me from the start. She was extreamly professional through my entire case. She responded efficiently and promptly to my emails and phone calls. Her guidance and knowledge help make the process go quickly and smoothly. I would hire her again if needed. I highly recommend her."

- Patricia, Newton, MA


"My husband and I were involved in an insane custody/visitation battle against my (step) sons biological mother who had for his entire life (he was 5 at the time) been in and out of his life with serious drug abuse issues. For 3.5 years we were in and out of court on motions to reinstate visitation which when granted lasted maybe 2-3 months, visitation was far form in our sons best interests but we had never retained a lawyer to help us with our case. The amount of temporary judgments, allowed or denied motions, orders, filed paperwork, etc. would have been overwhelming for anyone! Finally, when the case felt like it was becoming too much for us we found Karla Mansur online and decided we would write her and plead for her expertise and help with the remainder of the case, which turned out to be the best thing that we could have done!


I am one of those women who constantly needs to know what is going on, what is and isn't being done, and how/when it will be done. I constantly bombarded Karla via email with questions about our case, laws, suggestions, ideas, anything and everything I could think of I emailed her about and there was never a time she did not respond promptly and honestly. She would explain things to us until we had complete understanding, which at times took more than one attempt on her part to make clear what was going on. She never sugar coated things; she always was extremely upfront with how she thought the Judge would respond, she was honest about her feelings towards everything that was brought to her attention, even at the worst times during our case she kept and open mind and remained extremely patient with all things thrown her way.


Do not be fooled by Karla's quiet nature and age, she may be young and fresh out of school but that works to her advantage! Her knowledge of family law is that of someone much older and more experienced. The rare occasion that she was unsure about something she was quick to come up with the answer and a way to work through the issue.


When it came to our case, Karla had to deal with some extremely unprofessional attorneys, not to mention the biological mother, never once did she lose her cool. She stays calm and collected through everything, respectful, mature and unlike most lawyers we have encountered over the years she "kills them with kindness" as the saying goes. Karla was always kind and empathetic when it came to our situation, which made the whole experience much easier during the rough times. Our case now, finally after 5 years, has a Judgment, and not a temporary one. But most importantly, Karla worked tirelessly to get our son what was in his best interests.


Thanks to Karla we are now starting the process of my adopting my (step) son, everyone in my family is ecstatic with the outcome of the case, especially our son. I highly recommend Karla Mansur for any and all Family Law cases that she handles. She is by far one of the best lawyers for the job, and will consistently prove that time and time again. "

- Sarah, Newton, MA


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