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Restraining Orders

  • 209A - Abuse Prevent Order
    1. This types of restraining order is used to prevent abuse from family members or household members. It can be used to prevent future abuse or contact, and order the abuser to vacate the marital home. These orders can have profound effects on issues of custody and visitation. The complaint is civil in nature, but any violation will have criminal consequences.
  • 258E – Harassment Prevention- Unlike the 209A restraining orders these do not require a familial connection. The standard for these complaints is three or more willful and malicious acts committed with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, or abuse.
  • 265 §43- Stalking- This also does not require a familial connection and is committed where there is a knowing pattern of malicious conduct that seriously annoys or alarms that person, or makes a threat with the intent to cause that victim to fear for the immediate bodily safety.