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Top 5 Reasons why a Military Divorce is Different from a Civilian Divorce

1. Service Members Relief Act. This act entitles those serving in the military and on active duty status to apply for a stay of divorce proceedings when because of their service there is a material effect on their ability to … Continue reading

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What to Expect During the First Consultation With Family Law Attorney

What to Expect During First Divorce Consultation For many of my clients I am the first lawyer they have had to consult with and often times they are very nervous the first time they meet with me.  Generally that fear … Continue reading

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Violence Against Women Act – A Lifeline to Freedom

In April 2012 the House passed a new version of the Violence Against Women Act Act (“VAWA”) that curtailed many protections afforded to immigrant women and eliminated the ability of women protected under this Act to obtain citizenship by cooperating … Continue reading

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Family law- Don’t lie to your Attorney!

The jurors gaze disapprovingly at the Defendant, while the prosecutor sits back in his chair, reclining slightly away from the table in front of him while a satisfied grin plays across his face. It looks like there is no hope … Continue reading

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