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Divorce: Marital Property and Trust Assets

Many people assume that money or other assets held in a trust are protected from an order of property division in a divorce, but that is often not the case. Even where a trust isn’t considered for purposes of actually … Continue reading

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Changes to Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and Calculations

On August 1, 2013 the Chief Justice of the Trial Court released new child support guidelines, which appear to attempt to promote greater responsibility of the non-custodial parent in a child’s life by drawing a direct correlation between the amount … Continue reading

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Clarified Standard for Child Support Modifications

There has been some debate between judges and lawyers since the most recent child support guidelines went into effect in 2009 about the standard that must be met before a pre-existing child support order can be modified. Traditionally a Complaint … Continue reading

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Bristol County Modification Pilot Program

Bristol Probate and Family Court launched a new pilot program on May 16, 2011 that seeks to streamline the process for how Complaints for Modification of child support and health insurance matters are served and filed. If the program is … Continue reading

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