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How Long Will Alimony Last – Alimony Modifications

One of the primary functions of the 2011 Alimony Reform Act was to set guidelines for the length of alimony awards in Massachusetts. The length of the award is now tied to the length of the marriage. The chart below … Continue reading

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Changes to Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and Calculations

On August 1, 2013 the Chief Justice of the Trial Court released new child support guidelines, which appear to attempt to promote greater responsibility of the non-custodial parent in a child’s life by drawing a direct correlation between the amount … Continue reading

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Grandparent Visitation in Massachusetts

The nuclear family with a father who is the primary wage earner, the stay-at-home mom and 2.5 kids is no longer attainable for many families. It’s an ideal that for the majority of families does not fit their lifestyle or … Continue reading

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Why the 401 Financial Statement is the Most Important Document in your Divorce

The Rule 401 Financial Statements are pink fill-in-the-blank forms. They are very unassuming, mundane looking things, especially the short form for people whose income is under 75K per year. Most people have filled out longer forms than these at their … Continue reading

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Divorce – How Do I Get My Spouse To Leave the Marital Home?

When a couple is divorcing tensions often run high and this can make sharing a residence unpleasant in the least and dangerous in the worst circumstances. Most clients are surprised to find out that one party doesn’t have to leave … Continue reading

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Probate Courts Proposed Rule Change Could Make Filing Uncontested Modifications Much Easier

The Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts is proposing a change to the procedure for filing joint Complaints for Modifications in Massachusetts. The new procedure would allow parties to agree to modify certain terms of their divorce judgments, separation agreements, … Continue reading

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Joint Petition for Divorce / Uncontested Divorce

People always want to know what is the least expensive and fastest way to get a divorce. The answer for most people is a joint petition for divorce. I routinely help people with these either in the context of mediation … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Grounds for Divorce

It used to be that you could not get divorced in Massachusetts unless you could prove that your spouse was at fault for the deterioration of the marriage. The most common fault based grounds for divorce include: adultery, impotency, desertion, … Continue reading

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What to Expect During the First Consultation With Family Law Attorney

What to Expect During First Divorce Consultation For many of my clients I am the first lawyer they have had to consult with and often times they are very nervous the first time they meet with me.  Generally that fear … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Alimony 101

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One of the first questions I am asked during my initial consultations with new clients considering divorce is either “do I qualify for alimony?” or “do you think I will have to pay alimony?”. Every client that comes into my … Continue reading

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